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Frontend Developer

Job Descriptions
Working together in web development life cycles with clients, designer, front-end developer and the rest of development team to convert approved design to CSS, HTML and jQuery to meet global standard of website structures and also mobile friendly website (Responsive mode).


  • Has fully out of head knowledge in HTML, CSS and jQuery / Javascript and responsive web design.
  • Has minimum 2 Years in experience of Front-end development process.
  • Able to work under pressure and as a team and also able to meet tight deadlines
  • Passionate in web/mobile technology updates and trends.
  • Has a good coding structures and well structured in logic thinking. 
  • Has a good sense in analytical process.
  • Has a good sense in aesthetic aspects and paying high attention in details or pixel-perfect oriented.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science/Information System or Visual Design and Communication. 
  • Maximum 28 years old.
  • Good work ethic and attitude.